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“Saksham Score” provides you a Score for every individual that you wish to engage with in any manner. Saksham Score, is a company co-owned by Sapio Analytics.

This Score provides information that can help you understand the level of trust you can put in the individual with respect to the action you are engaging them for.


Create a dynamic worthiness score for every individual and make this score the basis of critical decisions by various organizations and entities engaging with these individuals


Create a dynamic score for every individual that speaks about their abilities and behavior, in the context of trustworthiness and capability to deliver


 Enable a world where an individual’s worthiness for any role or task or benefit is quantified using artificial intelligence

The world is changing, and you need Score (different scores across different places where you engage yourself) to establish your true credentials. This is the Score. This is the future.

Why Us

Why Us?

Our scores are recognised by various credible agencies including governments, and are derived out of artificial intelligence driven data collection and analysis. Citizens want us as we understand them. And employers want these scores because they can trust them.

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Prashant Nikam


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Gaurav Aggarwal



Ashwin Srivastava


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Arpit Palod



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